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Precious Metals

Through our subsidiary, NYPB&T Precious Metals, LLC, we offer clients the ability to efficiently purchase and store physical precious metals. Using our state-of-the-art technology platform, we provide access to an institutional dealer network for transactions and a global network of secure vaulting facilities for safe storage of allocated bullion.

Gold as the New Government BondsA summary for the wealth management clients of Gold Bullion International file-pdf

Gold as an asset class:

  • Our experts are highly experienced in helping clients understand the dynamics of gold investing and how gold may help them preserve wealth for future generations.

Gold’s role in portfolio construction:

  • “True” portfolio diversification – low correlation to most asset classes in “normal” markets and negatively correlated during periods of market stress
  • Useful for protecting against losses from “tail events” and financial crises
  • Protection against wealth decay impacts of inflation and currency devaluation

Other gold characteristics:

  • Moderate volatility
  • The gold market is deep and liquid
  • Gold has no credit or counterparty risk

An array of precious metals products:

  • Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium (bullion bars and coins)
  • Global storage locations: Salt Lake City, New York, Toronto, London, Zurich, Singapore, and Melbourne. Clients may move holdings between vault locations and transfer-in metals held elsewhere.

Transparency and Liquidity

  • Transactions are performed on an agency basis through a network of institutional dealers that actively compete for each transaction.
  • Our competitive bidding model provides transparency, best execution, and access to a broad pool of liquidity

Storage and security

  • Bullion is stored in allocated form and clients retain direct, titled ownership at all times
  • Client holdings are fully insured for 100% replacement value by Lloyd’s of London
  • Physical audits of stored metals by KPMG at each vault location


  • Clients may take possession of precious metals holdings at any time
  • Precious metals are delivered via insured, commercial courier or armored vehicle
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