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Wealth Management Services

Trust & Estate Administration

New York Private Bank & Trust offers a full range of fiduciary services that take into account investment management, tax, reporting and estate planning needs. At all times, we act in our clients’ best interests by remaining objective and avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. New York Private Bank & Trust does not not invest trust assets in proprietary investment products. We seek access to the best available managers and then monitor their performance to ensure that they continue to perform in our client’s best interests.

  • Intellectual Capital: Our staff of fiduciary experts has extensive experience working with high net worth families and individuals administering sophisticated estates and trusts with traditional as well as non-traditional fiduciary assets.
  • Services Offered: New York Private Bank & Trust offers a complete array of trust services including: acting as executor of an estate, administrative trustee, full trustee, co-trustee, trustee of charitable remainder or foundation trusts, as well as trustee of life insurance trusts, Rollover IRA accounts, Dynasty Trusts and Asset Protection Trusts.
  • The Delaware Advantage: By offering trust administration through our Delaware based trust affiliate; New York Private Trust Company, we extend to our fiduciary clients the benefits of a trust jurisdiction that is forward thinking, innovative and respected in fiduciary and investment matters. Our Delaware trust situs allows an individual to create trusts having a perpetual duration, asset protection capability, flexibility in financial planning and investment management, as well as favorable tax treatment by eliminating or reducing state fiduciary income tax.

Estate Administration

Proper estate planning includes both minimizing future tax liabilities as well as ensuring the client’s wealth is distributed according to their wishes.

New York Private Bank & Trust’s fiduciary experts have extensive experience working exclusively with high net worth families and individuals in administering sophisticated estates. This experience includes administering estates with traditional assets (stocks, bonds and tangible personal property), as well as non-traditional assets such as real estate holdings, operating business interests, partnerships, oil and gas interests, collectibles, hedge funds, private equity, structured notes and other alternative investments.

Estate administration services include:

  • Identifying and valuing estate assets
  • Paying taxes, creditors and expenses
  • Preparing and filing tax documents
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

Non-Traditional Assets

Our substantial experience in dealing with sophisticated investments, real estate portfolios and operating business interests, allows us to assess a client’s entire portfolio and adopt a course of action designed to maximize value for the family, even if it means continuing to hold such assets. Estates owning real estate assets have access to the Milstein family’s world-class experience in developing, managing and operating real estate nationally and internationally. Similarly, through our affiliates, New York Private Bank & Trust’s fiduciary experts have access to sophisticated investment and business specialists with deep experience in evaluating on-going businesses, hiring and over-seeing management and determining how to best maximize value.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and your advisors in exploring ways in which New York Private Bank & Trust’s team of fiduciary experts can assist you in reaching your goals.

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